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Limerick competition awards, June 2016

The semi-breve, crochet and quaver
Are three notes which I like to savour;
With timing four-four
Just stamp on the floor
And you’ll do all your neighbours a favour.

Ted Lilley

I love how birds huddle together
to keep warm in the chillier weather
they preen and chat
eye out for the cat
then down floats a fabulous feather.

Libby Warren

Limerick readings


A student who gave up theology
sent his tutor a written apology
He said, “Your church history
is too much a mystery,
so I switched and now study astrology”

Alan Duncan


Limerick readings

There was a church worker call Paul
Who was frightened of nothing at all.
He climbed on the roof
(surely that’s proof).
“Come down,” said the Wardens. “You’ll fall!”

Heather Shelley

A tall, slender gent nom de Scutter
Has caused me to mumble and mutter
I’ve tried line, word and verse
And now I’m quite terse
Mr Scutter I fear I’m a “nutter”

Lexie Winders

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